Product Locator and Quality review services for western companies seeking China sourcing.

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Locator Services

    At Westward Industrial we do not just find a part or a manufacturer for you and let you go off alone from there. We actually find a supplier for your part, check with them against your specification and do an onsite visit to be sure the company is manufacturing the items themselves and that the quality is what you have specified. We also do not recommend just one company, but will find and send the same information on at least 3 manufacturers, so you can have a high comfort level that you are choosing a reliable provider.

     Deliverables for this service include the following:

  1. A list of the major manufacturers of your product in China

  2. The right to select the candidates on your own for a visit from our team members (you may also choose to leave the decision to us based on our experience if you desire).

  3. A written summary of the onsite visit to each of the top 3 candidates.

  4. Scanned copies of all sales brochures or documentation that the candidate companies provide.

  5. Photographs of each manufacturer's site, along with photographs from their shop floor showing their production environment.

  6. the price of your product delivered to the dock in the nearest export port from each manufacturer.

  7. A written recommendation by our staff engineers as to which company we feel will best fulfill your requirements.

  8. Any samples that are available of your product (shipping and handling fees will apply for this service).     


Key Benefits

  • Our staff is already resident in China. There are no costly travel expenses or
  • You comfort level for purchasing from China will be much higher as you will have documentation of the manufacturer's capabilities.
  • Actual onsite visits with photographic examples and reports of the manufacturer's capabilities let you "see" first hand the companies you might be dealing with.
  • Our ability, if you require it, to help negotiate a better price point as our staff is more familiar with local market conditions.


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