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    Westward Industrial is a place for you to find not only the products you need, but to gain reassurance before your purchase that the company you wish to procure from is a legitimate, serious business. Our job and goal is to provide you with an exceptional experience in procurement from Chinese products manufacturers. We are here to make sure that your requirements are met. That the product conforms in all ways to what you are expecting and to be sure that the manufacturer's here in China really understand your needs, and fill those needs with the highest quality materials.

Why We Are Here

    Westward Industrial was born because we saw a clear need by Western companies in the markets in China. Many companies from Europe, the U.S., Canada and South America are using web procurement tools like Alibaba or Made-In-China to source parts, products or machines. Often times we would hear later from these companies that the goods they received were not as low cost as they thought they would be. Quality issues, delivery issues, products not meeting the specifications... these and many more problems were being heard by us again and again as we talked to people about their experiences. The very benefit that people would come to China to receive, lower costs, was disappearing into the issues above. By the time many companies had resolved the situation, they found the items to cost many times more in terms of effort and time than they had expected in savings. Most especially if they had to fly people here to resolve the issues on the ground.   

    Westward Industrial is a mixed company containing American, Chinese and partners from other European countries. We offer a unique opportunity and service to our clients. Not only do we really understand the quality and ability to meet specifications that you need, from a Western engineering perspective, but, working side by side with our Chinese colleagues we are able to communicate this to the suppliers and manufacturers in China. Usually, for less than the cost of the airplane ticket it would cost you to send your own people over, we can sort through the noise generated by all the Chinese companies seeking your purchase, and assist you in finding the one that will deliver exactly what you need and expect.

    Please take a few minutes to look over our website. The Products pages feature some items in Material Handling Equipment, Weighing and Measuring Equipment and Plastics Machinery that we have already vetted and found to be high quality suppliers and manufacturers.


The Services pages show you the different levels and types of services that we offer to our clients and how we proceed when you need us. 

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