Product Locator and Quality review services for western companies seeking China sourcing.

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 Business Process Outsourcing

These services are similar to business process outsourcing (BPO).                                     

Your company can empowers our company to deal with the follow things:

1. The legal procedures of setting up a subsidiary in Shanghai.

2. The legal procedures of logout a company in Shanghai.

3. Recruiting new staff in Shanghai for you.

4. Changing company addresses to Shanghai, help your company find the right place to locate.

We will help your company do these things according to legal procedures which you may unfamiliar to in Shanghai. It will save lot of your time and energy.



 Company Vetting    

For some clients, a purchase from a Chinese supplier is not just a short term proposition, but a need to find a long term partner for  future growth. In these situations we at Westward Industrial offer a more in depth service we call Company Vetting.

Company Vetting is a comprehensive review of the targeted supplier, and is meant to assist in forging a long term relationship between our client and the supplier. Our engineering staff reviews the supplier's abilities for design, research and development, product improvements, quality systems, documentation methods and production management techniques. Our business staff works with the supplier's management to provide you with an overall financial picture of the health and long term viability of the firm.

Deliverables for this service include:

  1. An engineering analysis of the suppliers capabilities in product manufacture, quality control, product development systems and methodology

  2. A summary of the supplier's company structure, history and future growth plans

  3. A written report on the state of the supplier's sales and financial stability (subject to what information the supplier is willing to share or that we can find through standard commercial information channels in China).

  4. Complete electronic documentation from the supplier including: brochures, marketing documents, quality control instruments, any ISO 9000 documentation kept by the company, copies of any certifications that the supplier maintains, annual financial reports (where accessible) and ay other documentation relating to their business that we may obtain.

  5. An analysis of the supplier's market position vs. at least 2 other manufacturers of the same product in the market place.



Project Management

Perhaps your company has already found a manufacturer here in China for your products. However, your level of success with this purchase can often times depend on keeping to a schedule for production, checking the quality of the manufacturer's work in an ongoing basis, getting regularly updated progress reports and knowing what the delivery schedule will truly be. Westward Industrial can assist you there as well. Our trained engineering staff is familiar with all aspects of project management. Through the use of Microsoft Project® and JMP® and Stat-Ease Design Expert® our staff can manage your project and give you the benefit of onsite, lower cost project oversight without having to incur the expense and dislocation of moving your own employees here. With our large general engineering background and a database of professional engineers in many industries, Westward Industrial either will handle your project directly or we will employ an engineer in your field who is already here in China. This saves you money, time and increases your chances of success in getting the products you ordered in a timely manner.

Key Benefits

  • No need to relocate staff from your home office to a remote location with associated loss of work or incurring of travel and expense costs!
  • Our staff speaks and reads Chinese so you do not have language or translation related problems!
  • We are onsite, and have the ability to communicate with you in real time and can resolve minor issues without needing complicated communications.


Capability 1
Microsoft Project capable and experienced.
Capability 2
Six Sigma and Quality Management Systems experienced and capable.
Capability 3
Experienced project management in both China and the United States



Quality System Certification


Our company can provide you necessary information for you to get the credentials more conveniently.





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