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Custom Engineering


The service what we provide is very niche targeting and professional.

And we have a team with several experienced engineers and several young but passionate engineers. Which they provide are three kinds of technology services: Technology support for new machinery project; Integration of old machinery project; Technology update for old machinery.

At Westward Industrial we do not just find a part or a manufacturer for you and let you go off alone from there. We actually find a supplier for your part, check with them against your specification and do an onsite visit to be sure the company is manufacturing the items themselves and that the quality is what you have specified. We also do not recommend just one company, but will find and send the same information on at least 3 manufacturers, so you can have a high comfort level that you are choosing a reliable provider.





Business Trip Service

We provide service for client who travels for purchasing business in China. Especially in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong province, and Shanghai, because we have a data-base aims at above cities. We do not just provide you the professional local information about products and suppliers you need, we also offer you a translator who know the local situation (especially in above cities we have mentioned) to company with you if you want. The key point is that we will customize the scheduling for you. All expenses outside of local support will be charged by customer.




Company Service

There are four parts we do in company service. They are business process outsourcing, company vetting, Project management, quality system certification.



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